Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are vital to our public education and awareness efforts. New England Organ Bank volunteers extend our reach across the region to become advocates for donation in their own community. Most volunteers have a personal story connected with donation or transplant and by sharing that first-person story have proven to be successful in communicating the life-saving benefits of donation. Volunteers also register new donors by signing up interested individuals at events or directing them to our online donor registry. There are many activities volunteers and their families can participate in:

Community events: Set up a donor drive in your community by hosting a table at just about any type of community event, such as at a health fair, farmers market, campus event, town festival, concert or blood drive. Gather friends and family together and walk in your community’s parade or enter a charity walk, 5k or other competition wearing a Donate Life New England shirt. Host a fun bowling night or painting party. Talk to your local Rotary Club and other businesses and social organizations. Volunteers can participate in our Teen Education Programs at school or driver education classes. There are also activities you can do at home by promoting donation anytime through social media or contacting local media to share your story.

At work: Volunteers can organize a Dress Down Day at their place of business, fly our 3’x5′ flag outside the an office building, host a donor drive or table at a company benefits or corporate health fair.

Come to our office: We occasionally need help at the New England Organ Bank offices to assist in assembling mailings and other light office tasks.

Motor Vehicle Donate Life Ambassador Program: The Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) Donate Life Ambassador Program is a vital outreach to help increase the number of individuals who register to be an organ and tissue donor. Ambassadors provide the opportunity to connect with DMV staff to stress the importance of asking each customer the donation question. Ambassadors usually have a personal story connected to donation and sharing that first-person story has proven to be successful in communicating the life-saving benefits of donation to front-line DMV employees. This program requires a monthly commitment.

National Observances: Promote donation during special times of the year, such as in April during National Donate Life Month or in November at your place of worship for National Donor Sabbath. And, of course, we welcome your great ideas for volunteer projects as well!

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