New England Organ Bank partners with over 150 hospitals to ensure that each potential donor family has the opportunity for a thoughtful discussion about donation and that the final wishes for designated donors are honored. Organ and tissue donation can be a rare occurrence. In fact, just 1% of all deaths are medically suitable for organ donation and just 18% of deaths are suitable for tissue donation. Given these low numbers, collaboration between hospital professionals and New England Organ Bank staff is essential if we are to serve families better.

Saving lives through organ and tissue donation and transplantation is not possible without the help of hospital staff. You can start the donation process by making a timely referral to New England Organ Bank at 800-446-6362. Be an advocate for donors, donor families and potential recipients throughout New England and beyond. Click on the dropdown menu below to learn more about the organ and tissue donation process.

Identify and Refer a Potential Donor

One phone call can save up to 8 lives through organ donation and many more through tissue donation. Learn more.

Referring a Potential Donor

Brain Death and Circulatory Death

After the Referral




Family Discussion and Support

Sensitive and supportive family discussions are best realized within the framework of a Collaborative Donation Process. Learn more:

Collaborative Donation Process resource

National Donate Life Registry Information